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Carlysle Vivian-Robins

Carlysle has been helping behind the scenes running the Mind Body Spirit Expos for Dean Leckie since 2012 and took over the  MindBodySpirit Expos herself in late 2016. Carlysle believes with great passion in the opportunities these Expos have provided over the last 20+ years and pours her heart and soul in to the events she runs.

With a solid background in Retail & Visual Merchandising, (among a miriad of other creative talents), she has been able to bring magic to many shows through her colourful theming of the events. Most notable of course are the May & November Festivals at Forum North in her home town of Whangarei. She is a woman of many talents who has made it her life's work to inspire and empower people to find the magic within themselves to create positive change in their lives.

Through "WildfireNZ" she uses her skills as a Law of Attraction Coach, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Artist and Healer to help people make sense of their world and go forth to create a Life they truly Love.  She offers Private Appointments from her studio in Kamo, (Whangarei), and whenever possible attends Fairs & Expos around NZ offering her famous Inner Spirit Portrait Readings. She is a regular at the Christchurch Body Mind Spirit every March and October for those of you in the South Island! 

She was known by many as the face of Wilderness Gems from 1991-2004 and as such has retained a huge passion, not to mention amazing wealth of wisdom, on the magic of the mineral kingdom and spouts their wonders to anyone who asks.

Carlysle also works full-time as a Teacher Aide, with a natural talent for supporting sensitive children and raising their expression & self esteem, often through creative endeavours. 

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