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Heartlight AuraSpace

Your Aura isn’t just colours around you, It is the Light you express, both consciously & unconsciously, from your heart & soul of your being – your very essence. It affects, and is affected by your Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional wellbeing.

Most of us are so caught up in the busy-ness of Life that we rarely take time to stop, breathe and touch base with that essence, that heart-light – that magic! Our work is all about giving people a glimpse of their own Magic. A glimpse of who they are in their heart & soul without the stressors and labels of their circumstances & surroundings. A glimpse of what is possible when they find and then start living their own Truth, their own Light, their own Way.

Carlysle Vivian-Robins & Dean Leckie have worked together under the banner of "Heartlight Auraspace", (formerly The Aura Stall),  at shows throughout New Zealand since 2013. They offer Aura Photos, Spirit Drawings, Clairvoyance, (and sometimes Crystals, Aura Sprays and Natural Health products they believe in), to help people get in touch with their own unique Aura, Energy, Colour & Magic! 

Carlysle also operates alone as "WildfireNZ" at expos, offering Inner Spirit Portraits with a Clairvoyant Reading.

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