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I just ADORE the sense of wonder, excitement and MAGIC these Expos have generated over the years but... As much as I LOVE what we have created it is time for me to move on so
The Whangarei Mind Body Spirit Expo
on 16 & 17 November will be my last.
But the Magic will continue as follows...

Paihia Natural Health & Mystic Fair:
This has already been passed on to local Paihia man David Denton who intends to continue running the Fairs at Easter and in late December each year. David has been involved in our Expos for a few years now offering Massage & mirimiri and is passionate about bringing Natural Health & WellBeing to the Far North Community.

Mind Body Spirit Expos:
I am also very pleased to announce your new 
“Guardians of the Magic” are Pete & Kerry Wyatt! 
They will be helping me set up the November event in Whangarei and will officially take responsibility for all future Mind Body Spirit Expos after that. In the meantime though they are already negotiating venues for some exciting expos, including one in Pukekohe in September which I hope you will support.

Pete & Kerry have been involved in these events for many years now as our Crystal Stalls “Pebbles & Potions" and "Krystals for the Spirit" but also have experience in running their own events so will, no doubt, continue building upon the magic we have created. I wish them every success and know that you will be well served under their guidance & guardianship.

My current website (www.mindbodyspiritxpos.org) will be closing down in August and my current email address will also become obsolete.
All future contact should be directed to cvrwildfirenz@gmail.com

I will still be attending as many Expos as I can, (offering Spiritual Art & Readings through my Inner Spirit Drawings), so look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you to all of you for being a part of the magic and for your loyal support. Keep the Magic Alive People!


Be sure to join us at the...
Forum North,  Rust Avenue, Whangarei
Sat 16 / Sun 17 November 2019
 10am to 5pm - $6 ADULT - Under 16 Free
Free Talks & Demos - On-Site Cafe open

A glimpse of our past events:
WHANGAREI    MindBodySpirit
Sat 11 / Sun 12  May 2019

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