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We believe that nowadays, more than ever, people benefit from taking time out to weave some magic back into their lives. Our Expos give opportunity for you to explore Natural Health & Healing Options, Find Spiritual Guidance and Assistance, Be Inspired, Be Rejuvenated and even just plain old fashioned spoiled rotten!

We have Clairvoyants, Mediums, Mentors, Life Coaches, Flower Essences, Natural Plant Medicines,  Energy / Spiritual Healing, Fabulous Bodyworkers, Amazing Natural Products, Crystals, Jewellery, Books, Aura Photos and Spiritual Artists. Each show offers something a little different to reflect the local talents and many people visit them regularly to treat themselves to a great day out.  

If you prefer a quieter session though to find your magic, Personal Appointments are available in Kamo, Whangarei for Spiritual Guidance & Coaching or an Inner Spirit Portrait with Clairvoyant Reading. Please contact Carlysle for details on booking an appointment.

Carlysle Vivian-Robins
Phone: 0273-240-130

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